Our Land

When we moved to Annapolis, California in the 1970s, we fell in love with our new property — an old apple farm in the hills of northwest Sonoma County. We enjoyed both the beautiful views and sunshine of this area and the grand redwood forests that shelter a diversity of natural life. Our love for our land has inspired us to care for and protect it in every way we can. As agribusiness moves into our area, preserving the balance between open space and well-developed forest on our land is now a top priority for us.

_DSC0523An aerial view of Starcross

Our Garden

Part of the open space on our property is taken up by our sustainable garden, which provides us and those who come to our food pantry with an abundance of fresh produce. We also host young volunteers interested in organic gardening and sustainable living through Worldwide Opportunities on Organic Farms or WWOOF, a work-exchange program and through our Farm Intern Program. These volunteers and interns live in our historic farmhouse, built in 1902, and learn how we farm our garden and our certified organic olive fields.

photo 5_2

Forever Wild

Behind our chapel is 50 acres of land that we have dedicated to be forever wild. A botanist recently visited our land and admired how untouched that area was. We hope to keep it a sanctuary for redwoods and wildlife long into the future. Logging, vineyards, and construction could threaten the integrity of this area, which has long been secluded from these encroachments. We hope that through our own small efforts we can encourage others to cherish this area as we do.