Our Mission


The objective of Starcross Monastic Community is to live a good and simple life.

We attempt to lead a prayerful, monastic life and to be one of the many presences in the world affirming the value of compassion for all. We have responded as we could to the individual needs of the suffering and the struggling, particularly children. Since 1986 we have felt a specific calling to respond to children impacted by the AIDS pandemic – in this country and abroad.

Some of us take the traditional monastic vows, while others associate in different ways. Our non-profit corporate name is “Starcross Monastic Community.” In fact and in law, we are an autonomous group of people. Although our roots are in the Western monastic experience, we have been nourished by other traditions as well and are in spiritual solidarity with many faith communities and people walking individual paths. At present we feel more authentic being inter-spiritual and standing outside the institutional structure of any particular denomination or movement.

Increasingly we reach out in response to others with different experiences from our own in the challenging circumstances of life and society. We feel there is a divine spark and creativity in every individual which requires respect and support.