From Stardust to Stardust

stardust coverThis is a book of encouragement, awareness, humor, joy and gratefulness by a remarkable woman.

The haiku in this book came to Mary Martha Aggeler, known as Sister Marti, in the time between her diagnosis of terminal cancer and her last breath. It was her lifelong practice to convert her life experience into haiku. As her friend the haiku master Cliff Edwards put it, “Haiku becomes a doorway into the meaning of the here and now, and so a doorway into the meaning of our own life.” This is certainly true of the poems in this book, not only for Marti but also for the reader.

The “little things” in life had a special attraction for Marti throughout her life but especially in her last year. What she saw, heard, and felt often came to her as haiku. She left a trail of these short poems, from her diagnosis to her death. They have appealed to many people and have helped friends, old and new, enter their own doorway.

Sister Marti, a cofounder of the multi-faith Starcross Monastic Community in Northern California, was also the loving mother of two children. Marti was a humanitarian activist, working especially for people living with AIDS, and for endangered children around the globe.


This book contains a poignant year of Sister Marti’s life – on a journey that we must all make.

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