The Tao: The Sacred Way

The Tao coverThe Tao is universal. Its words “are to be hung like bells in our hearts and rung by the motions we make as we move through our daily lives.” Here Tolbert McCarroll presents it in a unique version. For the contemporary audience, he offers concepts that make a bridge from the Tao to the Western mystics, and his language includes both male and female experience.

“There are many translations of this book; all are different and all are the same. None are accurate and none are false. Ancient Chinese writing was not limited by the desire for preciseness. It more resembled a series of pictures. The people who would learn the message must swim in the characters and in the spaces around them. What is not written is equal in important to what is written. Nothing can be seen by examining a page of the book unless at the same moment you examine your own heart.”

At Starcross this is not just a book in our library but one that rests in our chapel, on our work benches, by our beds, in our backpacks and pockets. We often open it and try to live with it. As we have done this over the years we have come to realize that we hold a flower that will never stop unfolding. May this flower grow well in your garden.

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