Thinking with the Heart

Thinking with the heart green tree cover-page-001 (1)“In his new book, award-winning author Tolbert McCarroll shares his lifelong quest for the¬†sacred with spiritual seekers who wish to rediscover their ancient faith traditions yet go beyond the official church and religious hierarchy.”

“There is an old official path across the meadow of our spiritual heritage and it is still recommended by some,” McCarroll writes. “That old path is worn out and not very inviting to most people. But, the meadow itself is fresh and vibrant, always growing and changing. It would be a tragic mistake to abandon the meadow when we reject the old path. There can be many new refreshing paths into this magnificent landscape.”

“So begins this beautiful exploration of the common legacy. But even more than an exploration, it is Tolbert McCarroll’s spiritual will and testament to us, we who are seekers of the divine.”

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