Three Gifts for Spiritual Wayfarers: Courage, Faith, Doubt

Three Gifts CoverWhere will we find the strength to follow our personal spiritual compass and act in ways that take us out of our comfort zone? Can we look at doubt as a tool for leading us to new understandings instead of thinking of doubt as our enemy? These are significant questions which each of us faces, regardless of the words we use to express them.

Brother Toby uses the themes of Great Faith, Great Courage, and Holy Doubt as he takes on these questions in this wonderful book.  It is short, but it is not a quick read.  Toby’s insights give us much to ponder as we read and re-read his compelling thoughts.  Toby’s sharing can provide the self-reflection needed to reach an understanding of the self that we truly are.

“Sometime many centuries ago, an old man resting under a tree in Asia and reflecting on his life had an interesting thought. His thought was that, in order to walk on a spiritual path, three things are necessary: Great Courage, Great Faith, and Great Doubt. He must have shared it in some way, because the idea caught on and came down through the ages in the East and the West. Often the words were a little different. But the concept was and is the same. That is what this book is about — or at least that is my intention.”

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