Spiritual Residents

Become a Spiritual Resident at Multi-Faith Contemplative Community

IMG_2519We are looking for thoughtful individuals with an interest in “quitting the rat race” to join us in our work and life here at Starcross for a minimum of three months. A strong desire to engage with the world through any spiritual lens, as well as an appreciation for contemplative life is required. Our days here are quiet but full of life and intellectual curiosity. In addition to our homestead, we are the caretakers of almost 50 acres of redwood forest with trails throughout, forever protected by a conservation easement. We have a library with close to 5,000 books on topics ranging from Taoism to spiritual psychology. Our days are filled with work on the land and serving local people in need, but there is always time for contemplation and steps in spiritual growth.

Spiritual residents would live and work on our homestead, and would receive a modest stipend for extra food and other necessities.

If this sounds like your next step please email a letter of interest to sj@starcross.org

Spiritual Resident FAQ