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    A lay monastic family,  questing for  the sacred,  and advocating for children.  

Sharings - Starcross' Seasonal Newsletter

Sharings - Our Seasonal Newsletter

Our newsletter, Sharings, comes out each season. Presently, this is the current issue available:

Get Adobe's Acrobat ReaderPlease note: you will need Adobe's Acrobat Reader or similar program to open, view, and print our newsletter. Adobe's Acrobat Reader is available for free via download at Some PDF files can be large and, if you are on a dial-up internet connection, may take several minutes to open. Please be patient. We also have past issues available below.

Readings by Brother Toby

Below is a podcast (MP3 file) of Brother Toby reading from one of his books.

The Starcross "Journal"

We offer our Journal for those times in-between our newsletter:

Library of Past "Sharings" Newsletters

Library of Past "Journals"

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