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Each year we plant a sustainable garden. We share the produce, through our food pantry, with neighbors in need.
Each year we plant a sustainable garden. We share the produce, through our food pantry, with neighbors in need.


SATURDAY, APRIL 22nd, 2017 9:30 to 3:30

Earth Day 2017 is a time to be grateful for the gifts of our beautiful, fragile and presently very threatened planet.  What better way to celebrate Earth Day than by helping to plant the garden at Starcross!

The fruits of our labor will be given to neighbors in need at the Starcross Food Pantry, and offered at our Honor Produce Stand.

Are you itching to get outside and get your hands in the dirt?  The organic seeds we’ve been nurturing in the greenhouse are growing into healthy vegetable starts and will soon be ready to go into the ground.  Would you like to help us dig and hoe, plant and mulch?

We’ll provide work gloves and water as well as a nice lunch for our eager workers.  Dress to get dirty.  Bring a hat and sunscreen.  Bring your friends (no pets please).  We can’t babysit but children are welcome to come help.  This will be a fun time to join with others in making a real contribution!

Please RSVP by calling 707-886-1919 or emailing  community@starcross.org




The olives are ripening! Our harvest will take place on Veteran’s Day Weekend, on FRIDAY, NOV. 11 & SATURDAY, NOV. 12, and in the unlikely event we don’t quite finish we will continue on SUNDAY, NOV. 13.

We’d like to invite you for a fun day in the country!  Olive harvest is always exciting.  This year’s oil should be wonderful.  We’re hoping lots of friends will come out.  You’ll acquire a new skill for your resume (“experienced olive picker”) while you are making a real contribution to our self-support efforts here at Starcross.  Win-win!

The predictions promise beautiful weather.  Come any time between 8 am and 5 pm and stay as long as you want.  We’ll have a simple buffet lunch available whenever you feel hungry.  And we can teach you how to be an olive picking expert in no time at all!

You should dress comfortably in layers.  Bring a hat and sunscreen.  We’ll provide gloves and bottled water.  Unfortunately at this very busy time we can’t accommodate pets or young children.  But do feel free to bring friends, neighbors, and relatives.

If you can, please let me know you will be coming, how many pickers, and what day and time.  At the last minute if you have others who’d like to come, that is just fine.  The more the merrier!  You can email me at sj@starcross.org or call Karen in our office at 707-886-1919.

Saturday, October 1, 2017– 10 AM to 4 PM
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At this very special workshop, Brother Toby will apply the process of spiritual growth found in the 11th Century “Ox-Herding Pictures” of Ching-Chu to contemporary life.

This Taoist-Buddhist work, consisting of pictures and poems, evolved through the centuries. In 1986 Brother Toby with the collaborations of a number of friends, notably Paul Clasper (former Dean of the Anglican Cathedral of St. John in Hong Kong) found a bridge between the classical pictures and Western Spirituality.

Brother Toby’s classes and recordings were very popular but he has, for some time, been pondering how the concepts apply to the spiritual quests of people in 2016.


This day will have three sections:
Beginning The Quest
Finding The Stillpoint
From Personal Fulfillment to Social Compassion
If  weather permits, the workshop will be outdoors in the Meditation Circle, if not then in the Music Room. A Lunch will be provided.  As with all Brother Toby’s activities, there is no charge but advance registration is required.
Attendance is limited!