A lay contemplative family, questing for the sacred, advocating for children, and protecting our unique land


Starcross Monastic Community is a small, independent, autonomous, and ecumenical community of lay-people living peaceful lives in the contemplative tradition and offering encouragement and affirmation to gentle folks on all spiritual paths.

Over the years, we have adopted and been caregivers and advocates for children with unique gifts and needs, most of whom were born HIV positive.  We also support individual children around the world and established Houses of Hope for children impacted by the AIDS pandemic in Romania and East Africa.

Our home is in Sonoma County’s coastal hills. We respect and cherish the relationship between nature and spirituality. On our farm, we produce certified organic extra virgin olive oil and farm sustainably in our gardens and orchards.

This sacred space provides a sanctuary for friends living out their unique spiritual vocations. Our current projects also include sharing reflective writings with our readers (through our e-list), responding to the needs of our local area, in which many impoverished and under-served families reside, and preserving our beautiful land for future generations.

Spiritual Resident


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